NOVAON Culture

Novaon's culture is built upon a foundation of pride in the resilience and intellect of the Vietnamese people. When we speak of Novaon's culture, we are talking about discipline, standards, and responsibility. As a result, the Novaon team never entertains thoughts of stepping back or surrendering to any challenges.

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Work culture

Right person, right responsibility

Creating career opportunities

Meeting culture

Fast, focused, efficient

Creating career opportunities

Internal behavior culture

Unity is strength

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Customer interaction etiquette

Customers are the foundation

Creating career opportunities

Discipline culture

Discipline is strength

Creating career opportunities

Mindset culture

Updating and improving

Life at Novaon

Respecting the dedicated efforts of each member, Novaon Group has created an ideal working environment to maximize the potential of its staff. This is evident in the comprehensive welfare policies for employees. Moreover, Novaon places great emphasis on developing infrastructure as well as a workspace that is conducive to a friendly environment, providing opportunities for creativity to flourish among all staff members.

Novaon within me

"Novaon possesses the most professional working environment I have ever seen. Everyone, from the leadership to the employees, works passionately with a spirit of dedication for the common benefit."

Do Thanh Nhan

Business Development Team Leader

Work experience: 3 years

"My professional skills have significantly improved since I joined Novaon. Additionally, I am extremely satisfied with the working processes and the company's welfare policies."

Nguyen Tan Hung


Work experience: 2 years

"Novaon is like my second family, where I am closely connected and spend most of my daily life living and working. I take pride in the fact that here, I am given the opportunity to showcase myself, to be heard, and to have my legitimate work aspirations fulfilled."

Pham Thu Huyen

Communications Specialist

Work experience: 3 years

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The people of Novaon

NOVAON always strives tirelessly to embody the group's slogan: "Empowering your next." In today's era, digitization is the key solution for success. Therefore, Novaon calls on every individual and business to think and act as pioneers in this common trend.

Novaon individuals at work

In our work, Novaon members always embrace love and passion as core values. Each individual understands their role, anticipates change, and puts in their utmost effort to create breakthrough values for themselves, colleagues, customers, and society.

The Novaon team understands that dedicating ourselves to their work is the best way to affirm our self-worth. Therefore, we consistently embrace change, seize opportunities, and take complete ownership while innovating in our roles.

Novaon individuals with customers

Novaon always prioritizes the interests of its customers above all. With a dedicated, honest, and professional service attitude, Novaon members aim to provide the best and most effective products and services at reasonable costs to seek customer satisfaction, trust, and confidence.

Understanding that the success or failure of a partner is also their own, Novaon individuals are always willing to collaborate wholeheartedly, take full responsibility, and provide maximum support to partners for mutual benefits and sustainable development.

Novaon individuals with each other

Every member of Novaon is a team player. We understand the power of unity, so we always respect, connect, and support each other in both work and life. People of Novaon are bound together, forming a strong and unified entity to overcome challenges, strive for breakthroughs, accomplish missions, and develop the Group.

Novaon individuals are responsible to the community and contribute positively to society. Together, we continuously strive to change, improve, and enhance the quality of human life, aiming for high moral values.