Industry and Trade Newspaper | NOVAON Secures Double Sao Khue Awards 2019

NOVAON Group Achieves Double Sao Khuê Award with 2 Honors in the Excellent IT Products and Services Category at the Sao Khuê Awards 2019. The award ceremony was recently held in Hanoi, organized by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA).

After surpassing rigorous rounds of evaluation and selection from hundreds of nominations, 94 outstanding IT products and services were granted the Sao Khuê Award for the year 2019. Among them, 2 products from NOVAON, namely NOVAONX and NOVAON AUTOADS, were honored with this prestigious title, marking NOVAON’s double achievement in Sao Khuê Awards for 2018 and 2019.

NOVAONX Product Receives Sao Khuê Award 2019

NOVAONX – The first Marketing Automation platform in Vietnam, received the Sao Khuê Award this year in the startup business product category. NOVAONX offers a comprehensive Marketing Automation solution with 5 pioneering products: CRM, Chatbot, Landingpage, Social, and Email Automation. NOVAONX enables businesses to automate marketing activities, centralize customer data and interactions, focus on reporting and analysis, optimize and enhance marketing efficiency by over 100%. To date, NOVAONX has gained the trust of more than 23,000 customers, with over 4 million conversations per month.

Meanwhile, NOVAON AUTOADS – the largest advertising optimization platform in Southeast Asia, also achieved the Sao Khuê Award in the category of prominent commercial software solutions in Vietnam. This marks the second time Novaon AutoAds has received the Sao Khuê Award. Novaon AutoAds is recognized as a leading product in Southeast Asia, assisting businesses in managing and optimizing advertising campaigns to achieve over 50% higher effectiveness. Up to this point, Novaon AutoAds has garnered more than 25,000 trusted customers, with over 28.4 million clicks per month and 1.7 million conversions per month

It is noted that the outstanding Sao Khuê award-winning products will be nominated to participate in the APICTA Awards, organized by the Vinasa Software Association this year in Quang Ninh. This is the most prestigious award in the technology industry for the Asia-Pacific region.

(According to Cong Thuong newspaper)


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