NOVAON Undertakes Digital Transformation of Human Resources for Dong Luc Group

Novaon Group and Động Lực Group have recently signed an agreement, launching the Human Resources Digital Transformation Project. Novaon DX, a member of the Novaon Group, will be the consulting and implementing entity for this solution.

Ms. Vũ Hoàng Yến, Deputy General Director of Động Lực Group, stated: Động Lực aims to apply cutting-edge technologies to establish a strong and sustainable development platform. Động Lực is particularly focused on enhancing employee experience and satisfaction, optimizing processes, and increasing labor productivity.

The human resources digital transformation solution consists of two phases with 13 subsystems. In Phase 1, the entire office block will be deployed, and in Phase 2, the production plant block will be implemented with 13 robust subsystems. The solution will comprehensively transform Động Lực’s human resources operations.

Novaon DX emphasized three unique aspects of the Động Lực Group’s human resources digital transformation project: First, the project implementation time is less than one month, as Novaon DX chose a specialized SaaS solution that is already complete, called Onpeople HRM.

Second, Novaon DX has already established the capability to easily expand the workforce scale, modify the structure, and customize work arrangements with the highest level of flexibility.

Third, Novaon DX not only provides the digital transformation solution but also shares human resources management methods, system policies, and notably the experience of transforming human resource management culture when operating on a digital platform

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