The LEADER | Novaon Awarded the Title of Top 10 Industry 4.0 Technology Enterprises

On September 18, 2018, Digital Novaon Group was honored to receive the prestigious awards for being among the Top 10 Technology 4.0 Enterprises and the Top 50 Largest Information Technology Enterprises in Vietnam for the year 2018.

These esteemed awards were granted by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA). The recognition further solidifies NOVAON’s position among the forefront of leading technology companies in Vietnam, alongside industry giants such as FPT, VNG, Viettel, and CMC.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, is underway, heralding significant global transformations. Advanced technological trends such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and virtual reality (VR), supported by cloud computing, are unleashing limitless possibilities in reshaping human lifestyles, work, and entertainment.

Originating from the technological environment, this revolution is permeating into various aspects of societal life and the global economy, bringing about unprecedented changes and opportunities at an unprecedented pace.

The program to select the Top 50 Leading IT Enterprises in Vietnam is an annual event organized by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) since 2014. Its purpose is to identify, certify, and honor the top 50 IT enterprises in Vietnam, fostering collaborative business partnerships with potential domestic and international partners.

This year’s program, launched in July, follows a meticulous process: application submission and screening; on-site assessment at the companies; and selection by a reputable panel of experts. Notably, this year’s program placed a strong emphasis on recognizing 4.0 technology enterprises.

Despite being their first year of participation, Novaon, with its inherent strength, was able to achieve a double victory by receiving the awards for being among the Top 50 Leading IT Enterprises in Vietnam and the Top 10 Outstanding 4.0 Technology Enterprises of 2018.

Over 12 years of development, NOVAON has served over 20,000 customers with innovative online marketing solutions and cutting-edge technologies. These achievements have been acknowledged and highly appraised by experts, contributing to NOVAON’s overall success. Among these accomplishments are:

– NOVAON ADS: The largest Google advertising market share in Southeast Asia by a Digital Agency

– NOVANET (DSP/DMP): The first contextual advertising network in Vietnam, with a database of over 60 million users

– NOVAON AUTOADS: An advertising optimization platform with over 10,000 trusted customers

– NOVAONX: The first Marketing Automation platform in Vietnam with over 6,000 trusted customers

– BOOKIN.VN: A pioneering online travel network (OTA)

During the award ceremony, Mr. Lê Viết Hải Sơn – Deputy General Director of Novaon, shared: “Novaon is immensely proud to receive the Top 10 4.0 Technology Enterprises and Top 50 Leading IT Enterprises in Vietnam awards for 2018. We constantly strive to create the most useful platforms and products to accompany the Vietnamese business community in achieving breakthrough development in the digital era. The Novaon team is steadfast in its goal to serve 1 million businesses in Southeast Asia over the next 5 years.”

By being included in this list, Novaon will also be featured in the publication “50+10 Leading IT Enterprises in Vietnam 2018,” compiled in Vietnamese, English, and Japanese. This publication will be promoted and introduced in 100 countries and territories worldwide.


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