Vinasa | Novaon AutoAds honored to receive the Sao Khue 2018 award

Novaon AutoAds – A toolkit for optimizing advertising, a product of the Novaon Digital Group, was chosen as an exemplary product in the field of software and IT services in Vietnam and was honored with the Sao Khuê 2018 award.

The announcement and award ceremony of the Sao Khuê 2018 took place on April 21st. The Sao Khuê award is hosted by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) and has been organized since 2003. The Sao Khuê award is an effective tool for businesses to assert the quality and brand of their products and services. It builds trust among users and contributes significantly to promoting the use of Vietnamese products, software, and IT services.

After rigorous evaluation rounds, from a large pool of nominations, 73 outstanding products and services were awarded the Sao Khuê 2018 title. Among them, Novaon Group, a company with 12 years of experience in the Digital Marketing field, had the honor of receiving the prestigious Sao Khuê award for its product, Novaon AutoAds – an Adtech product aimed at optimizing advertising effectiveness and cost savings.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Hoan, Director of Business for Novaon AutoAds, “In 2018, Novaon focused on developing Adtech products, starting with Novaon AutoAds. The Novaon AutoAds toolkit aims to help advertisers enhance the efficiency of the advertising optimization process and save costs. The toolkit includes tools for blocking fraudulent clicks, optimizing Search advertising, optimizing Display advertising, optimizing Social Media advertising, and generating optimization reports.”

With Novaon AutoAds, monitoring and managing advertising campaigns become much simpler. Instead of dealing with complex reporting systems, the toolkit provides optimization reports to evaluate campaigns based on various criteria such as keywords, demographics, geographic regions, timeframes, all within a simple and intuitive interface.

Novaon AutoAds assists in screening all advertising campaigns and points out those that are not yet optimized based on the standards set by Google and Facebook.

Novaon AutoAds has been recognized as the top product in Vietnam for supporting advertisers in optimizing advertising campaigns. To date, Novaon AutoAds has been used for more than 50,000 campaigns and trusted by over 5,000 customers.

Sharing his experience using the Novaon AutoAds toolkit, Mr. Huynh Ngoc Duy, CEO of Mat Bao Company, said, “Mat Bao highly values the effectiveness of Novaon AutoAds. This toolkit helps us assess whether an advertising campaign has been optimized according to the evaluation standards of Google or Facebook. The simple, user-friendly reporting interface helps us save time in collecting data and make well-informed optimization decisions. This tool prevents 400 to 500 fraudulent clicks, saving Mat Bao 1 million VND of advertising budget per day, about 30 million VND per month.”

In the future, Novaon will introduce more Adtech products, making Novaon one of the leading providers of IT products in Vietnam.

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