Vu Quang Tam – CTO of Novaon DX ranks Top 6 among young leaders in the field of digital transformation

Young technology leaders are making significant contributions to the national digital transformation and the export of software internationally.

Hoàng Trung Thiên Vương, born in 1991, is a co-founder and CMO of – an enterprise management platform that currently has more than 50 applications serving around 5,000 customers across various industries, from banking and real estate to aviation

Before co-founding, Vương held the position of CTO at Wings Vietnam and CTO at VPN Technology Solutions, where he worked on technology projects with companies such as FPT Software, Vietjet Air, Honda, Abbott.

He has also been involved in important technology projects within the Base platform, such as the Communication Platform, Customer Data Platform, Automation Bot. Currently, he is working on a project to integrate third-party applications into the Base ecosystem, creating synergies and enhancing the optimal working experience for customers.

According to Hoàng Trung Thiên Vương, digital transformation is booming in Vietnam. Each business has its own unique strengths, serving customer groups ranging from small to large, and expanding their services to international markets. Vietnamese engineers are fully capable of mastering technology and creating products that can address global challenges.

Lê Hoàng Thạch, born in 1991, is one of the notable young technology leaders. He began his career in the marketing industry but later transitioned to technology. He is the CEO of the audiobook application Voiz FM, leading the digital transformation trend in the publishing industry.

“Digital transformation must also be seen from a different perspective, which is to serve the most basic needs of users, not just businesses,” Hoàng Thạch said about the reason for starting an audiobook application.

According to the CEO of Voiz FM, the biggest challenge in the digital transformation of the publishing industry is obtaining audiobook copyrights. Additionally, Hoàng Thạch and his team of engineers are working on a project to digitize voice emotions, allowing AI to express a wide range of emotions through algorithms. Currently, the AI-generated voice is being tested by Thạch’s team and has received positive feedback from the community.

Ngô Minh Quân, born in 1988, is the Director of Digital Transformation at Rikkeisoft and also the Founder/Co-founder and CTO of three startup companies in the fields of communication, F&B, and graphic design, as well as web applications

Having studied in Australia and Japan before returning to Vietnam to start his entrepreneurial journey, Quân realized that technological solutions not only bring high efficiency to businesses but also serve as a platform to drive business models and sustainable development.

Under Quân’s leadership, Rikkeisoft transitioned from an ITO company to a consulting and digital transformation service provider. The electronic identification solution – Rikkei eKYC, led by Quân, also won the Sao Khuê Award in 2021.

Vũ Quang Tám, born in 1990, is the CTO of Novaon DX – specializing in digital transformation solutions. He is also the developer of the OnSales Caller system – an intelligent customer care call center software that is popular in Vietnam.

According to CTO Vũ Quang Tám, before Covid-19, digital transformation was one of the options for businesses, but during the pandemic, digital transformation became an urgent matter, and the businesses that could transform quickly would win.

In Vũ Quang Tám’s view, the digital transformation solutions being developed by Vietnamese technology companies typically involve an ecosystem with various products and platforms that businesses can choose from based on their needs and scale. “The strength of these domestic digital transformation products lies in the fact that they are developed by Vietnamese engineers, hosted in Vietnam, and designed to understand the needs of businesses and user habits. However, they are sold at a much lower cost compared to international competitors,” said Vũ Quang Tám.

Phạm Nam Long, born in 1989, is the founder and CEO of Abivin, a company specializing in providing optimized supply chain solutions across various industries. Prior to starting his entrepreneurial journey in Vietnam, Nam Long worked as an engineer at Google. He also led Abivin to become the first pure Vietnamese startup to win the Startup World Cup in Silicon Valley.

In his role as Chief Architect, Nam Long proposed the development of an AI platform to manage and optimize the business value chain. Abivin has successfully implemented over 45 projects, optimizing supply chains for numerous domestic customers and multinational corporations. The Abivin vRoute platform, developed by Long, currently handles more than 70,000 container shipments and 500,000 delivery orders every month.

Nguyễn Hữu Ân, born in 1989, is the co-founder of Teso, a company specializing in providing digital transformation solutions. Before entering the field of digital transformation, Ân was known in the Vietnamese startup community for his English learning application CleverTube, which won first place in the Vietnam Startup Wheel 2018 competition.

According to Hữu Ân, Vietnam’s advantages in the field of digital transformation lie in its young workforce, high education level, and cost-effectiveness. However, if looking at the global transformation landscape in 5 to 7 years, these advantages will diminish. That’s why digital transformation companies in Vietnam have quickly shifted from outsourcing to production, taking control of applications and platforms.

“To continue competing, Vietnamese engineers must enter the global game, serving the market of 7 billion people, not just 90 million. In the future, Vietnamese engineers will be the ones to come up with solutions and solve problems for global users, rather than simply ‘hired hands’ for software outsourcing as in the past,” Nguyễn Hữu Ân stated.

The Young Technology Leaders 2021 program by VnExpress aims to seek out and honor outstanding technology talents in Vietnam, individuals who have contributed to bringing the country’s technology sector on par with other global powerhouses

On May 10th, the organizing committee will announce the top 20 profiles selected for the interview round. Based on 30% of the readers’ votes and 70% of the judges’ scores, the top 10 technology leaders with the highest scores will be honored at the CTO Summit 2021 event organized by VnExpress in June in Ho Chi Minh City.

Alongside the award ceremony for the Top 10 Young Technology Leaders 2021, VnExpress is hosting the CTO Summit 2021 forum with the theme “Digital Transformation.” During this event, major businesses will share their transformation stories and lessons for entities currently in the process of technology transition. You can register to attend the forum here.

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